Architects & Designers

Ancaster Hard White and Ancaster Weatherbed have been used on some of Britain’s finest buildings and monuments for centuries. This illustrious history gives you the assurance that Ancaster limestones have a proven track record as a premier building stone in the UK. 

Glebe Architects Designers BTo further enhance your peace of mind we can provide you with the latest test results and CE Marking certification. 

As we process a large quantity of off-cuts within the quarry, waste is kept to an absolute minimum so you are assured of one of the most sustainable building materials available. The quarry also operates within the strictest UK Health & Safety guidelines so there is never any question of dangerous or unhealthy working conditions. 

We supply blocks, slabs, walling stone and the finest bespoke masonry. Contact us for prices and samples or to arrange a visit to the quarry. 

Typical applications:

  • Internal flooring
  • Statuary
  • Stone cladding
  • Ashlar
  • Stone dressings
  • Walling stone
  • Monuments